The Top Cities You Should Visit In Nevada

If you have been to Nevada many times, and you haven’t been there for several months, you might want to consider changing up your routine. This is a huge state, primarily consumed by what appears to be desert wasteland, but there are unique cities that you can visit. Some people that live in Northern California will frequent Reno on a regular basis. In fact, they may do most of their shopping there because it is the closest thing to civilization that some of the smaller towns in northern California actually have available. There are a couple other cities that people should visit if they get a chance. Las Vegas is one of them, as is Carson City, and there are two others that you should definitely check out.


Very few people know about Sparks, even though it is right next to Reno. In fact, most people think that Reno is the only city that they see. There is the Sparks Marina Park which is where you can take people to enjoy the water. There is John Ascuaga’s Nugget which is a place where you can do a lot of gambling. This also has another place four families and kids to get wet which is the Wild Island Family Adventure Park. Although this is a lot of fun, it’s a bit modern, and you might want to go somewhere that is a little less modernized like Carson City.

Carson City

This is located south of Reno and is the capital of Nevada. It is a city that was featured prominently in the show Bonanza. Once you are there, you can visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum, the Gov.’s mansion, and if you want to do a little bit of gambling, there is Casino Fandango.

Both of these places are very close to each other. If you happen to be traveling into Reno, you can go to both of them very quickly. If you are headed up from Vegas, it will take you about eight hours to get there, but it will definitely be worth the trip. If you have a little bit of time, you might want to consider driving north into Winnemucca, a city that’s very beautiful as well. Finally, writing between Carson City and Reno, up in the hills, is a place called Virginia City, that many people visit because of the legends about hauntings and gunfights that occurred in that small town.