Sparks Nevada Brings You These Four Great Restaurants

Sparks, Nevada is where we are heading for this round of wonderful restaurants. We just left North Las Vegas on our virtual tour of restaurants in the state. Have you been to Sparks? I can tell you that there are over 200 excellent choices for places to eat there. For a treat, the first pick is going to be a brewing company. When is the last time you visited one of those while on vacation?

In Sparks NV there is a place called Great Basin Brewing Company on Victorian Avenue. It serves up a great Patty melt, fish and chips, a cucumber salad and much more according to menu highlights. A frequent visitor mentions that it features a casual atmosphere, which is always good in my book. You might say that would be a great first stop, but we have others to explore, don’t you know. So let’s get to it.

Rosie’s Cafe is on Nugget Avenue, and let’s just say that the burger and fries in the picture looks almost unbeatable. Plus the place is known for much more than just burgers. You are talking about french toast, fish and chips and more. Obviously, this is also a great breakfast spot, and one review says that the burgers are enormous. You can see for yourself, but let’s look at two other restaurants in Sparks, Nevada first.

Black Bear Diner sounds like a winner, S diners always do in my book. At Black Bear Diner, you can enjoy brunch, including menu items like biscuits and gravy, pot roast and burgers. It is located on North McCarran Boulevard, and the place also serves up delicious pie. When is the last time that you had blackberry pie? Maybe you have never tried it, and in that case, the time is now.

Blind Onion Pizza and Pub is up next, and the pizza looks so good. The crust looks so delicious for starters. The restaurant is located on Victorian Avenue, and you are talking wings, salads and more, too. When traveling through or around Sparks NV, you now have four great restaurant choices that are winners. Enjoy your meals, and see just what you are going to be eating while out and about. After seeing the crust on that pizza from the last place, I would have to start there. However, the brewery mentioned first the other two picks are winners as well.